Cairnbrae Puppies

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We'd like to share with you some of our favourite puppy photos taken over the years ...

Cairnbrae Tussle - almost got it!

Cairnbrae Dunstan - Hey, who's that handsome dude in the mirror?

Cairnbrae Raleigh - peek a boo!!

Cairnbrae Tussle - hiding out in the tunnel

Cairnbrae Sniper - a working terrier of a different sort

Cairnbrae Lucy - Let's go Mom!!

Cairnbrae Bewitch - did somebody say cookie?

Cairnbrae Minx - who has a dirty face?


Cairnbrae Marley - I love my tennis balls!

Cairnbrae Brady - on a mission

Cairnbrae Charlie - lounging in the grass on a hot day

Cairnbrae Tangle - Whoa, what was that?????

Cairnbrae Hunter - ready for his walk.